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EVA Knighton

Located in mid-Wales, our order comprised the construction of a large in situ concrete box structure that connects one end of a 1.85km underground potable water delivery pipe to the extended siphon which replicates the operational requirements of the existing wellhouse on the same site. Water supply eventually would be fed to Frankly Birmingham.

The main issues considered on this project were the height of the perimeter walls (10m), and the complexity of the internal baffle walls (5m high with radius bullnose ends). Both required careful liaison with our supply chain and formwork provider, in addition to stringent H & S procedures undertaken by our site team.

A design change for the internal baffles, agreed between TCL and NMCN mid-project, required an enhanced concrete mix to be formulated by our concrete provider that allowed reduced heat emissions during the curing process.

Contract Value
£361 k
Principal Contractor
Concrete Poured
830 m3